Thursday, May 7, 2009


Sorry it took so long for me to finally post this.

Lilyanne Nicole
Born May 3,2009
at 4:21 am
19 1/2 inches Tall
6 lbs. 2 oz.

On Wednesday April 29th I went into my doctors appointment. I was told that I was 4 cm dialted and 90% effaced. I was feeling great and not having any labor signs. For some reason after my appointment that day my contractions started coming but were far apart.

Then my due date April 30th I decided to play it safe and hang out at home. I was so bored being stuck at home. Just waiting for our sweet little girl to make her arrival. When Dan got home from work we went to the mall and took a stroll around it.

Friday I could not just hang out at home. So I went to garage sales. My friend Charlotte and her mom were going. So I just followed them place to place. The kept an eye on me and could call Dan if it was time to have the baby. Really it was nice getting out of the house and looking for deals.

On Saturday night I layed down at 9:00 and by 11:00 the contractions were getting closer together. So we decided that it was time to get ready to goto the hospital. When we went we thought that I would probaly end up going back home. Well at about 11:30 we got to triage. They hooked me up to monitor my contractions and listen to her heart beat. I was only 4 1/2 cm dialted. They had me get up and walk around the hospital. Which didn't work for me I was in so much pain. They admited me into the hospital and gave Dr. Kort a call since Dr. Trujillo was off and they told me that they couldn't get a hold of him. I tried taking a bath to help me relax. Well it didn't help at all. Then I got hooked up to the IV which took forever to drain. I was in pain and wanted the epidural. Once I got it I was relaxed. The nurse was like "your having a contraction right now." I honestly didn't even know it. I was checked and was 6 cm dialted. The nurse came back awhile later and I was 9 3/4 cm dialted. That meant it was show time. We did some practice pushes. Then Dr. Kort came in and instructed me on what to do. After about 30 min or so of pushing Lilyanne Nicole entered this world on Sunday May 3,2009 at 4:21 am.

She is truely a little miracle. Holding her in my arms for the first time was such a wonderful moment. Also looking over at my husband and seeing how he took the moment in. I love being a mom!