Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Miss Lilyanne

Wow where has the time go. My baby turned one on May 3rd. We had her birthday party on the first lots of friends and family were able to make it for the party. We had a bbq. She was tired and took a half an hour nap the day of her party. But she was a trooper and stayed awake the whole time. She wore her first birthday onesie but refused to wear her tutu. She enjoyed hanging out with her friends and being held my family and friends. She wasnt that big of a fan of cake. She got alot of fun stuff mega blocks,bath toys,an outfit,hairbows, and snacks from Grandma and Grandpa Stevens.

Lilyanne had her 1 Year Well Child Check on May 5th. She weighed 16lbs 8oz and is 28 inches tall. The doctor says she is small and needs to gain some weight. So we are working on that. She still naps twice a day one two hour nap around 11 and an hour nap at 4. Lilyanne loves eating cheerios. She enjoys playing with her toys and not toys and says "ball." She rolls to get places. She spins around on her butt. She likes walking holding on to our hands. She loves getting out of the house. Lilyanne loves to be held.