Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Spending Time with Friends & Some Tummy Time

So today we spent some time with Kim, Joanna and Leah (Kim's niece). Kim's daughter is 8 1/2 hours older than Lilyanne and the girls were even born at the same hospital. Today was the first time we have layed them next to each other. It was neat to see how different they are. The girls are so adorable so here are some pictures. We also went shopping at Extreme Bargains and Hobby Lobby.

Lilyanne has recently found her fist and fingers. She is more interested in them then playing while on her tummy or her swing.

Let Play Catch Up

July 4th
We went on a short hike around Garden of the Gods. It was a rainey day. But that evening we did get to light fireworks at Chris and Julia's house since the dont live in the county. The weather was cool so Lilyanne got to hang out in the garage all bundled up.

July 6th just hanging out at home.

July 16th we went to the zoo with Paula,Lexi ,and Carissa.

July 18th before heading to some garage sales.

July 19th she was taking a Sunday nap in her crib with her lamb while sporting a Bum Genius cloth diaper. But I caught some moments of her waking up.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Lilyanne's Blessing

She was blessed on June 14th My husband gave her a wonderful blessing. In the blessing circle was Dan,Chris Jutras,my fatherinlaw,Joe Hinson and Brian Claudy. My parents also came to our ward to be there. Later that evening we had a BBQ at our home. Lilyanne did not cry during it at all but she did cry a few minutes after it was over.

We got some pictures outside of the Church. The other day I took pictures of her in the blessing dress since we didnt get any just of her. Lilyanne's dress is the dress that I wore,my sister wore and my neice wore during our blessings.

Me in the Blessing dressing on my Blessing day.